Ticket Refund Policy

For concert ticket refunds [base price of ticket + tax] the following will apply:

Mail your ticket number and/or printed ticket with a copy of your government issued ID to Dickson Productions, Inc. [2110 W. Slaughter Lane Suite 107-164, Austin TX 78748]

The name on the ticket will be verified and must match the name on the photo ID and must be received by March 27, 2020. No tickets/ID’s will be accepted for potential refund after this date.

Third-party purchased tickets, scalper tickets, third-party vendors and names not matching with individual requesting the refund will not be refunded.

Other requests or tickets will not be refunded, included but not limited to, any ticket that has been scanned to any person that attended the festival or entered the festival gates. (I.E: You must provide a doctor’s note if you are requesting a partial refund of a 3 day pass. This must be mailed in with other documentation).

Other restrictions may apply, and each ticket refund will be subject to review.

Ticket refunds may take up to 60 days. Email info@dicksonproductions.com for any further questions.